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Auburn Network provides cutting edge digital marketing services to clients through its diverse Auburn Network Digital tools.

Whether your company desires Targeted Display Advertising, a Digital Direct E-Mail campaign or specific lead Generation derived from your own website via Click Cricket, Auburn Network Digital can deliver with the latest technology, on-demand and real-time data and at a price that makes sense.


Geo-Fencing: Allows you to send your targeted message to smartphone users in a defined geographic area such as your competitor’s location;
Geo-Conversion: Allows you to drive and track users from point A (competitor locations) to point B (your location).
Geo-Targeting: Ensures that your ad appears in front of users in any part of a city or region.
Site Retargeting: This allows you to market directly to potential customers who previously visited your website.


Our Digital Direct Mail is unique, effective, and gives you the power to directly reach new customers. After sending your message to a custom universe of opt-in addresses built from demographic filters you specify, Auburn Network Digital provides you with a database of the names and e-mail addresses of people who opened and/or clicked your ad so you can directly follow up.


Ninety-eight (98) percent of website visitors leave without converting to a lead by filling out a data capture form and eighty-six (86) percent leave without taking any action at all. Site re-targeting returns seventy (70) percent of website visitors but still does NOT reveal the visitor’s identity.

Click Cricket from Auburn Network Digital reveals approximately thirty (30) percent of your previously anonymous web visitors providing their name, e-mail address and every single page viewed with a date and time stamp.

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