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Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Weekday mornings on WLEE!

Murphy, Sam & Jodi Blog

AFTER THE SHOW:AFTER THE SHOW: Credit Card Collectors Are After Murphy

A Credit Card company is after Murphy. Did he commit fraud with this deceased father’s money?!

New shows to binge / A Beatle is writing his memoir / Post Malone is Jodi’s Friday favorite

Your suggestions for Murphy and Jodi to start a new binge One of the Beatles is writing a unique memoir this year! Why is Post Malone Jodi’s Friday favorite ...

Tiger or GOAT? TIger Woods and his new battle. AFTER THE SHOW PODCAST

Jodi wants to stand up for Tiger Woods right now – and remind the world NOT to underestimate the man, the myth, the GOAT.

Murphy’s a customer service sweetheart / Sam’s rules for Zoom meetings / Guilty Pleasure Dad jokes

Murphy turns on eh charm for Customer Service reps! Sam’s 3 rules for behaving on a Zoom call. More of your guilty pleasures…including dad jokes!

Is Customer Service Dead? After the Show PODCAST

Can a BAD experience be turned around with GOOD customer service?! Jodi has a little story.?

Your guilty pleasures / Don’t comment about someone’s appearance / Sam’s uncomfortable Zoom Dr. visit

Sharing your guilty pleasures in music and movies and food! When you should not comment about someone’s appearance! Why the doctor wouldn’t let Sam see her during a Zoom ...

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